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Remote Controlled Net Cleaning


The Tassie Devil Tracker 4000 is designed to clean all cage netting irrespective of net inclination and degree of fouling in a single strike.

The cleaning system comprises a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), hydraulic hoses and drive unit. The ROV receives its power hydraulically from the drive unit located on the service craft.

The Tracker 4000 is manoeuvred via a controller much like an Xbox game controller to provide familiarity to the operator. The ROVs motion is relayed by camera to a pair of LCD monitors situated on the service craft.

Net cleaning is achieved via the patented high torque, slow action scrubbing blades on the ROV which may be configured to optimise net cleaning for various environments.

Tassie Devil Tracker 4000 shown above.

Assisted Net Cleaning


The Tassie Devil 4000 is operated by winch and complements the Tassie Devil Tracker 4000 by cleaning external cage netting in the heavy fouling zone 6-8 metres before the hard line. The Tassie Devil 4000 possesses much of the patented componentry observed in the Tracker 4000 but with the net cleaner winched from the service craft rather than remotely operated. Like the Tracker 4000, net cleaning is achieved via the patented high torque, slow action scrubbing blades on the ROV.

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Solution Benefits

Tasmanian Designed and built

Tassie Devil cleaning systems are designed and built in Tasmania using world class componentry. This gives us freedom to customise our systems based on client requirements and ensures our products undergo rigorous examination and testing prior to commercialisation. The net result is quality performance from day one and ongoing reliability.

Commissioning Considerations

Tassie Devil cleaning systems are self contained requiring minimal alteration to existing assets such as service craft. Only a small lifting crane is required to deploy the Tassie Devil system onto the service craft.

The Tassie Devil hydraulic power system can be deployed onto the craft via fork truck or crane lift. It offers a smaller system footprint than other systems due to its much lower operating requirements.

Low capital investment, Low Ongoing Investment

The Tassie Devil performance is unparalleled in the market with our customers observing nets are cleaned twice as fast as competitors, with less maintenance and superior cleaning outcomes.
This has a considerable effect on capital outlay and ongoing maintenance costs. Improved performance means less assets are required to clean netting. System reliability means less time maintaining equipment. Unique system design means far less fuel overheads.

Deployment Support

Aqua Clean Tas provides deployment support for all Tassie Devil cleaning systems. This includes configuration of componentry to suit operational requirements and onsite support for two days to facilitate training and operation.

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