Reliable, serviceable, and effective

The Tassie Devil Tracker 4000 is custom designed and built by us. In doing so, we are able to share our solution’s specifications with the confidence that it compares favourable to all other systems at all levels.

Cabinet Dimensions:

  • Length: 2200mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Height: 1300mm
  • Dry Weight: 850kg
  • Wet Weight: 1250kg

Engine Specifications:

  • Power Source: Yanmar (4 cyl) 4LHA-HTP running at 1700 rpm
  • Engine Decibels: 85db
  • Fuel Consumption: 10ltr p/h
  • Engine Utilisation: Driving Hydraulic Danfoss piston pump for cleaning / thrusting propellers + piggy backed Danfoss gear pump for track drive motors
  • Additional Notes: Cleaning head constructed from stainless steel and marine grade aluminium and Danfoss driven motors

Cleaning Head Dimensions and Core Features:

  • Length: 2700mm
  • Width: 1150mm
  • Height: 400mm
  • Weight: 220kg
  • Cleaning Area: 2100mm x 600mm
  • Lighting and Cameras: 2 forward facing cameras and lights
  • Cabling: 80m Umbilical Lead consists of 2 x 3/8 Twin Thermo plastic Hydraulic Lines + 2 x ¾ Single Thermo plastic Hydraulic Lines
  • Supplementary Cabling: 100m Light and Camera Cable

General Feature Notes:

Robotic cleaning head is operated by a specially designed console unit.  Hand controller is an ergonomic wireless controller similar to PlayStation or Xbox.

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