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Our Mission

Superior Net Cleaning through Innovation

Aqua Clean Tasmania is dedicated to developing net cleaning systems that outperform all others. By implementing slow action high torque scrubbing blades instead of high pressure water to clean netting, Aqua Clean Tasmania has revolutionised net cleaning designs. The result is a dramatically improved cleaning system unparalleled in the market with no direct competitors. Our proprietary system has reimagined the method by which nets are cleaned resulting in vastly superior net cleaning outcomes.

The Tassie Devil Tracker 4000 cleaning system is quicker, more reliable and easier to use than its competitors.

Reduced Costs, Greener Outcomes

Why Aqua Clean Tas?

Tests demonstrate the Tassie Devil cleaning system consistently outperforms all other net cleaners in the market regardless of the extent to which netting is fouled. This is achieved through our patented slow moving, high torque scrubbing action which removes fouling off netting more efficiently; with cleaning up to twice as fast and markedly less striking of netting.

the elimination of fast moving componentry from the Tassie Devil cleaning system has significantly reduced energy requirements. Tests reveal up to 80% of diesel fuel is saved per clean. Reduced energy overheads also mean reduced system footprints. All our drive units are substantially smaller than competitors and may be mounted on small service craft.

Salmon jumps out of the water (green sketch)

The high torque slow cleaning action of our net cleaners substantially reduces net abrasion. Less abrasion of net twine significantly reduces splintering and warping of twine. This outcome reduces places where dangerous hydroids can propagate and grow; helping to avoid instances of disease amongst fish and leading to greater longevity of netting.

The elimination of fast moving componentry from our system has significantly reduced maintenance overheads and servicing of equipment. Tests show the Tasmanian Devil 4000 and Tracker 4000 operate for substantially longer periods before requiring maintenance than marketplace competitors. More time in the water means nets are cleaned faster with fewer labour resources and far less operational and servicing overheads.

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