Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide deployment assistance and training?

Yes. We provide onsite training and support for first use of the Tassie Devil. We also offer support over the life of our cleaning systems for clients based on their specific needs.

How is the Tassie Devil cleaning system powered?

Our cleaning system is powered by a Yanmar 4 cylinder diesel engine, model 4LHA-HTP, operating at 1700 rpm. The engine drives both the propulsion system and cleaning blades. The dual action and hydraulic delivery of power results in reduced fuel consumption (up to 80%) compared to competing systems and increased reliability.

What is the environmental impact of your solution compared to competitors?

The high torque slow cleaning action of the cleaning blades substantially reduces net abrasion. Less abrasion of net twine significantly reduces splintering and warping of twine. Such outcomes reduce the number of spots dangerous hydroids and other creatures can propagate and grow.

The cleaning action also reduces the extent of slurry caused by fragmentation of fouling upon cleaning, reducing the levels of microbial agents in the waters surrounding netting.

These actions help to avoid instances of disease amongst fish and lead to greater longevity of netting.

Does the cleaning process damage the net?

The Tassie Devil Tracker 4000 is specifically designed to remove fouling from nets and uses a hydraulic power delivery method to accomplish this. This enables a high torque, slow action, scrubbing method of cleaning. This better protects nets by reducing splintering and warping of twine when compared to traditional high-pressure spray cleaning methods. Subsequently extending the life span of nets and reduces surface areas for dangerous hydroids to propagate and grow.

What supply chain exists for servicing the device over its lifetime?

Tassie Devil cleaning systems are made in Tasmania with most structural components fabricated here.

Aqua Clean Tas holds inventory of all key componentry to ensure supply and replacement of parts are provided as quickly as possible.

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