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At Huon Aquaculture we have used many types of net cleaners over the years and the Tassie Devil Tracker 4000 has proven itself to be the most reliable net cleaner we have had, being hydraulically driven it’s far less complicated as it runs less systems, this in turn leads to less breakdowns compared with our high pressure water/ROV propelled cleaners.

Our operators love it as it is simple to use, very effective and very reliable. It easily cleans heavy fouling, mussels, long weed and kelp. The operators enjoy coming to work knowing that they have a machine that will work effectively all day with minimal issues.

The Tassie Devil Tracker 4000s reliability, low running cost and ease of maintenance has led us to use it exclusively on our most remote site on the west coast of Tasmania. We have also set a vessel up with two Tassie Devil Tracker 4000s on our most high energy site in Storm Bay, this vessel has already proven to be very effective.

From a maintenance perspective the Tassie Devil machines are low cost and low stress. The simplicity of design keep the required spare parts list short. Having a common hydraulic motor that runs the cleaning discs as well as the track motors means that only one spare motor is required to cover both applications. We have put thousands of hrs on Tassie Devil machines in the last few years and have yet to have a hydraulic motor fail. This reliability coupled with the relatively small HP demand from the cabinet means that not only is the machine cheap to run but it is cheap to keep running.

Aqua Clean Tas carries a complete range of spares and has always had the parts and support we needed to get us back up and running. The combination of their broad range of spares and second to none aftersales service/technical support has meant that we rarely experience any downtime with their machines and when we do it is kept to an absolute minimum.


We received our first Tassie Devil Tracker 4000 some months ago, we already knew in advance that this equipment would be very versatile and easy to use and adapt to the Chilean necessities.

Our first challenge for the machine to tackle was in regards to our metal nets and the machine worked very well, in a short time the Tassie Devil Tracker 4000 showed us how fast and efficient it is when cleaning this type of net.

The machine is quite simple to use, with a very low level of failure. The machine is very reliable and we can attend leases very far away, knowing that the equipment will work and that we can rely on it. Another very important thing is the low energy consumption, which compared to the competition is a real advantage in terms of cost, impact on the environment and the reduction in environmental pollution due to significantly lower fuel consumption.

We are happy with the first  cleaning machine we’ve received and we hope to have two more units within the year to prepare for next season. Although we are new in the Chilean net cleaning market, our Aqua Clean machine already sounds like a very interesting alternative for Chilean aquaculture farm businesses.

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